The ultimate game to pass the time!

Dungeon Army is a fast-paced action RPG game.

Ten unique levels

You are commanding a squad of skeletons that would have to go out from the dungeon, through the caves and finally sack and pillage graveyards and villages… with the dragon waiting to be slain!

Build your own Necropolis

Build your own City of the Dead to upgrade spells and special powers. Recruit new classes of skeletons. Upgrade your Castle to earn more daily rewards.

Seven different classes

Recruit your skeletons out of seven different classes. Whether you choose to compose your army out of melee warriors, archers or powerful mages, you would have to face varied enemies.

Minions of hell have spoken…

“It’s simple. It’s awesome. If I were real, I would play it.”

- Ash, Evil Dead

“With this game I can finally be a lord of the dungeon.”

- Hellspawn, 9th Circle of Hell